A No Fee Membership Networking Group

We're a group of professionals who meet on a weekly basis. We help our member's businesses grow by learning about them and referring them when appropriate.


The Business Exchange NY provides group support and encouragement for each of the individual businesses run by its entrepreneurial professional members.


Develop a network of trusted individual professionals to refer clients and prospects to when appropriate. Each individual member will cover a unique and specific professional role within The Business Exchange NY.


The ideal members are individuals who

  • Have respect for their customers and vendors.

  • Provide high quality services at reasonable rates.

  • Feel comfortable referring business to other members.

  • Are communicative, responsive and responsible.

  • Will attend our weekly 7:00 am Tuesday morning meetings and participate.

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Feel free to join us and represent your line of business exclusively without the pressure of annual membership fees and fulfilling quotas of referrals. We've developed a fun and friendly network of trusted individuals to refer clients and prospects to, when appropriate, in a non-competitive environment where only one individual per field is represented.

Check the Members Directory to ensure your field is not already represented.

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