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Richard Swan


Email:            rswannjr@gmail.com

Mobile:           914-572-3145



Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/


Rich is President of Swann Business Solutions, Inc.. He is an outstanding sales and financial planning professional with a proven track record of success in building sales, increasing profitability, and fostering longstanding client relationships. Specialties include Marketing, Networking, Sales Training, and Business Development​.

Swann Business Solutions provides the following services:


Merchant Services

Provides Interchange Plus credit card processing allowing clients to capture each transaction run as cost while paying a flat fee for processing. This results in total aggregate merchant services being reduced 

Business Planning 

Author business plans for owners to actualize their goals and objectives. Plans are specifically designed for the individual business. Select plans are currently on file with the New York State Department of Taxation as well as numerous banks to help solidify the legitimacy of the businesses and acquire financing.

Marketing and Sales Plans 

Research current market conditions and economic indicators to devise marketing and sales strategies designed to increase revenue streams. Provide short-term and long-term objectives to keep business moving forward on the right path to economic viability. Incorporate 21st century social media as well as 20th century traditional marketing to ensure business reaches all of its potential market place.

Start-Up Assistance 

Spearhead the initial phases and guidance for entrepreneurs. Provide a comprehensive legal team to ensure company is properly established. Assist entrepreneurs in the interviewing and hiring of staff as needed. Screen website designers to enable the business to get the proper website needed to launch.


Work with established businesses and assist them in maintaining their visions and objectives. Review all existing plans and modify them to fit the current economic and business landscape. Establish monthly meetings with business owners to review and assess short term goals and objectives. 

Sales Training 

Teach sales staff and how to maximize the tools at their disposal to generate maximum efficiency in the sales process. Instruct individuals on various sales techniques and strategies. Develop a core sales program designed to work in conjunction with the marketing and sales plans.